Artificial Intelligence - Expensive Fad of the future of Customer Engagement

October 2017 Kompli-Global

Kompli-Global was delighted to be a major supporter of UK Finance's SME Commercial Finance and Banking Conference 2017. Kompli-Global Chairman, John Davies, brought the world of Artificial Intelligence to life by presenting on AI- Expensive Fad of the future of Customer Engagement.

A series of leading regulators, politicians and senior financial service executives presented on wide range of topical issues impacting SME finance; both now and in the future.

Addressing the considerable compliance challenge financial service companies have to address John asked his audience how they would like to have their best employee, with the best knowledge and same consistent level of service every time. This is what AI provides.

John demonstrated how Kompli-Global uses AI to do the ‘heavy lifting’ by searching for adverse information in a vast array of publications and databases in a matter of minutes. This would taken a human days to do, be extremely expensive and ultimately inconsistent.

Customers benefit as they receive a fast and consistent account opening process and financial service companies are able to employ a cost effective and consistent way of meeting one of an increasing range of compliance requirements.

The conclusion was that AI definitely isn’t a fad - it is here to stay.


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