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As the CEO of Kompli-Global, I passionately believe that a "Gold Standard" Customer Due Diligence (CDD) service is needed which exceeds regulatory requirements and allows you to engage new clients quickly and efficiently, with complete confidence.

I speak as a barrister who has specialised for many years in payments and compliance and recognises that we now live in a world where a tick box approach to compliance can leave you open to regulatory censure and reputational damage.

Pressure is mounting on companies and individuals within them to decide how to keep abreast of increased regulatory compliance demands, obtain access to worldwide data sources and leverage available technology.

At Kompli we provide this "Gold Standard" service through our specialist and highly experienced team that have a comprehensive knowledge of the requirements and principles underpinning CDD and the importance that regulators place upon it.

We appreciate that nothing should be taken at face value in a world where criminals and terrorist organisations are using increasingly sophisticated techniques. We believe industry-leading technology and focussed experience is essential to combat these threats.

What makes our service "Gold Standard"?
Using our propriety platform - Kompli-IQ - we interrogate a multitude of worldwide data sources; including the deep web, undertake comprehensive open source intelligence gathering and then our highly experienced specialists provide the required detailed analysis. We have made the investment in Regulatory technology, or RegTech as it has become known, to give your business the optimum competitive advantage.

Kompli-IQ helps identify potential conflicts between information from different data sources or something that simply just doesn't fit or look right. Our service provides an end-to end process including enhanced due diligence which enables you to assess risks accurately and make confident, informed decisions in the best interests of your business.

The result of our approach is a succinct, accurate report that you can rely upon and action. Obtaining such broad information, in many cases, leads to new revenue generating opportunities.

You want the assurance that all available information is being sourced and intelligently interrogated. You demand a fast and tailored service that meets your needs and enables you and your business to avoid the two most damaging and expensive impacts of compliance failure - regulatory censure and reputational damage - Kompli delivers that assurance.

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Jane Jee CEO


The world’s first networked global search platform specifically designed to meet 4MLD requirements.

Kompli-Global is a RegTech enterprise bridging the information gap in an increasingly regulated and digital world.

Kompli-Global uses digital technologies to facilitate regulatory compliance that may otherwise be time-consuming, expensive and ineffective. Integral to this is a global network of highly experienced human investigators who provide interactive research and analysis to deliver highly detailed written reports to allow organisations to make informed decisions.

The Kompli-Global platform delivers the following key benefits:

  • A significant reduction in research time and cost across multiple languages and jurisdictions
  • Greater accuracy and relevance of the recovered data
  • A permanent complete audit trail of all searches and results obtained
  • Automated ongoing monitoring that delivers refreshed results when new information becomes available


A software as a service (SaaS) desktop portal giving access to a global regulatory platform using proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep search technologies to interrogate a wide variety of global data sources and web content.

Searches are performed on target subjects including corporate entities, individuals, trusts and other organisations (public and private) in relation to published pages, adverse media, sanction and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) intelligence.

Search content includes interrogation of the internet from both indexed search engines such as; Google, Bing, Yahoo and non-indexed, unstructured ‘deep web’ sites.

Bespoke reporting

Kompli-Global’s reports combine the use of Kompli-IQ searches with specialist interpretation by a global network of due diligence experts. These reports address the need for a comprehensive understanding of who your customers are and the risk they potentially pose. In particular this helps obliged entities satisfy their due diligence requirements regarding customers that are more complex, are located overseas or present a higher risk.

Network a Global Network

Investigative research is conducted in the native language by local compliance experts from our advisory community located in 66 countries, covering 158 regions.

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