deeper due diligence

Kompli-Global provides accurate and comprehensive intelligence on organisations and their people to empower you to make informed decisions.

Our proprietary search platform provides an in-depth overview of published information on individuals and entities which will allow you to engage and retain profitable business without fear of regulatory sanction and reputational damage.

This makes due diligence fast, simple, scalable and affordable for any business with KYC and AML obligations.

So you think you know your customer? Think again!

Kompli-Global has developed the world’s first networked, multi-jurisdictional, multi-lingual due diligence, search platform.

Kompli-Global is transforming the financial crime and regulatory compliance space by combining cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, human expertise and effective processes. Kompli-Global enables businesses to perform quick, thorough customer due diligence checks in an increasingly complex and regulated environment.

The platform empowers organisations to consistently and repeatedly screen for adverse information on target entities on a global basis that would otherwise be unavailable, too time consuming or expensive to analyse.

With Kompli-Global, due diligence becomes fast, accurate and thorough saving cost and reducing risk.

Kompli-Global is led by barrister and compliance expert Jane Jee, augmented by a worldwide advisory community of compliance experts stationed locally in key locations, Kompli-Global provides in-depth, accurate and comprehensive intelligence bridging the gap in an increasingly regulated and digital world.


A significant reduction in research time and cost across multiple languages and jurisdictions. Searches that would be too time consuming to conduct can be done in a few minutes. Kompli-Global uncovers information that would otherwise be unavailable.

Deeper due diligence

Probably the most thorough, comprehensive and accurate adverse information searches available combined with an unrivalled network of human expertise and experience.

Automated Monitoring

Automated perpetual ongoing screening that delivers refreshed results when new publicly available information becomes available. Backed-up with a permanent and complete audit trail – Helps you to comply (and prove to your regulator that you comply) with 4MLD and associated legislation

Global Coverage – Local Presence

Artificial intelligence (AI) searches and human investigative research is conducted in the native language augmented by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and local compliance experts from our global advisory community located in 66 countries, covering 158 regions.

66 Countries, 158 Regions
Native language search using local vernacular
Artificial Intelligence (AI) reads, sorts and ranks retrieved intelligence
Natural Language Processing (NLP) provides greater relevance information
Resident compliance expert in each country with local knowledge

Kompli-Global’s services help businesses make accurate, compliant decisions.

Our digital technologies facilitate regulatory compliance that may otherwise be time-consuming, expensive and ineffective.

  • Completeness

  • Speed

  • Accuracy

  • Reduce cost

The product range includes:


Kompli-IQ is a software as a service (SaaS) desktop portal, giving access to a global regulatory platform that uses proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and deep search technologies to interrogate a wide variety of global data sources and web content.


Kompli-RiskAlert is a searchable database to alert and flag anomalies as well as a potential Bad Actors Proprietory Database.

kompli-QED is an end to end client on-boarding platform.

When clients determine that additional human analysis is required, our highly trained in-country specialists can provide confirmation or verification of returned records on a case-by-case basis.

Combining kompli-IQ's human investigatory abilities to deliver a written CDD report on a target subject.
kompli-insight reports are the result of thorough interrogations performed against a comprehensive range of public domain information sources.

The ultimate Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) report. From bespoke research and specialist investigation, clients’ requirements and direction, and specific focus on red flags identified at the CDD level.


My name is Samantha and I am the the digital compliance assistant within Kompli-Global’s SaaS based search platform, kompli-IQ.

I can interact with you by mail, text or even voice activation to allow analysts to interrogate a database network of the deep web so that the analyst can uncover negative news on individuals (including company owners) who may pose regulatory and reputational risks to businesses.

I continually and consistently monitor for all publicly available relevant risk information, often known as “negative information”, which includes sanctions and watch-lists, watchdogs, business registrations, regulatory filings and databases, as well as blogs, digital and traditional media.

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Who are we ?

We're an experienced team with decades of experience in Finance, FinTech, RegTech and beyond.

Passionate about what we do and we are making a difference in the AML world with Samantha, our Artificial intelligence (AI) combined with human investigative research.


Jane Jee

Jane has been CEO at Kompli-Global Limited since 2016. She has gained broad experience in card-based, e-money, internet and mobile payments, working in commercial and legal roles across the sector for over 30 years.

Prior to K-G she was Managing Director at Access, the credit card issuing and acquiring organisation, and later Divisional Manager at Mondex International.

Jane teaches post-graduate students about regulatory developments and the increasing use of technology in the field of payments and compliance. She is a Fellow of the International Compliance Association and regularly speaks at AML legislation conferences on issues affecting financial institutions, regulated entities as well as the benefits of RegTech.

Martin Pashley

Chief Commercial Officer

Martin Pashley

Martin Pashley is considered an authority on identity verification, KYC, Fraud prevention and Anti-money laundering.

Martin has three decades experience working with providers of technology based information solution providers including US firms; Kronos and BlueCube Software.

Martin has previously held senior positions within ID verification businesses. being Head of Sales at GB Group, The founder and CEO of Intelligent Identity Ltd in 2008 (now Capita Identity Solutions), Director & Chief Commercial Officer at W2 Global Data from 2012 and is presently CCO at Kompli-Global.

Chief Operating Officer

Patrick McCann

Patrick has spent the last 20 years consulting to SMEs in the property, telecoms, commercial insurance and financial services sectors.

Previous roles include head of productivity for the Royal Mint and the national sales manager role for Unite the Union. He has also held the posts of head of financial crime research and head of search partnerships.

Patrick is also a qualified Project Manager (PRINCE2 Practitioner) and HR practitioner (Chartered MCIPD).

Chief Technology Officer

Tim Langley

Tim is CTO for Kompli-Global and founder and former CEO of CANDDi, an innovative marketing automation platform.

During his career Tim has also worked with organisations such as Orange, DHL and Lifestyle Services Group. Tim holds a Mathematics degree from Cambridge University and an MBA from Manchester Business School.

Non-Executive Director

Susanne Chishti

Susanne Chishti has been recognised in the European Digital Financial Services 'Power 50' 2015, - an independent ranking of the most influential individuals in Europe's digital financial services sector.

She has also been named as one of the 100 leading women in FinTech and top 15 Twitter FinTech influencers. She was selected among the Top 30 City Innovators 2016 - Inspirational Women Susanne is CEO at FINTECH Circle and Chairman of FINTECH Circle Innovate. Prior to this she held senior positions with Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Banking Group, Morgan Stanley and Accenture. Susanne is the Co-Editor of The FINTECH Book, the first crowd-sourced book on the fintech industry globally.

Non-Executive Director

Sarah Francis

Sarah Francis is an international payments expert advising FinTech companies, banks, e-money issuers and payment companies how to marry compliance and risk prevention with products that work for the customer.

Sarah is very much an innovative problem solver utilising her knowledge of the payment supply chain and regulatory requirements to ensure that products can be rolled out effectively and in a timely fashion. At the core of Sarah’s experience is an unrivalled knowledge of regulation, AML, fraud prevention and how these disciplines dovetail into in cross-border viable payment solutions.

What People Are Saying

Client confidentiality is of key importance to us. Kompli Intelligence has been successful in many sectors.

Payment Service Provider

kompli-IQ uncovered significant material intelligence that was otherwise unavailable to us.

Gambling Sector

kompli-insight conducted CDD on our VIP ‘high-rollers’ to gain insight into their backgrounds

Gambling Sector

We are considering our options, including closing the subject’s account and filing a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) with the NCA.

Accreditations and Awards

UK Finance E3 EPA IRTA APCC Power50