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Automated player interview
& recording service

Appropriate, timely customer outreach
Highly configurable based on custom triggers
Ensure due diligence & social responsibility

Empower your platform with innovative discrete, automated player interviews

Leading Gaming companies use Kompli-SecureMeet for:

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Add a powerful tool to your compliance arsenal

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Discretely ensure your biggest spenders are
validated with minimal interruption

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Discourage fraudulent use and verify account information

Kompli-QED iconKompli-SecureMeet

The ‘New Normal’ for remote player communication

See how it works...

Discrete, unobtrusive customer contact, improve relationship experience and meet regulatory compliance.

How do you currently contact your players? Would it help if you could automate some of the outreach?

Ask players any questions, view the recording and look them in the face to review the answers.


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Send player a ‘solo’ video interview request via SMS or email

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Allow player to answer questions and record interviews on a mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet in their own time

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Automate customer outreach and send appropriate questions depending on situations or threshold triggers


Possible interview triggers

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After 1 hour of play - Duty of care check-in

Kompli-QED icon

Reverse withdrawal - Affordability assessment

Kompli-QED icon

Large deposit – Source of funds questions

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Multiple deposits - Responsible gambling questions

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Substantial win – Confirmation of identity

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Compound losses – Do you need to self exclude or have a cooling off period?

Social responsibility

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Gauge the player’s circumstances by viewing their interaction, environment and body language.

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Are they under duress?

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Are they intoxicated?

Kompli-QED icon

Are they still having FUN or should they STOP!

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Protect against fraud and bad actors

Our solution has helped companies reduce or eliminate fraudulent transactions across multiple sectors.

JustCashFlow is a commercial lender and after a significant case of fraud in 2019 embedded Kompli-SecureMeet in their processes.

Since then they have been protected against fraud but without slowing customer lending applications.

Ready to improve your gaming platform with our automated player interviews?

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