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Kompli-QED iconFriction free Corporate due dilligence solution

Kompli-Global has developed a specialist corporate due dilligence solution comprising of unique proprietary products, linked to best in class third party services to deliver a comprehensive, international customer on-boarding and on-going monitoring platform.

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Kompli-QED iconBest Practise corporate on-boarding

The Kompli-QED includes all of the elements you need, in one holistic platform, to perform best practise corporate on-boarding, KYC, Fraud prevention EDD and ongoing monitoring.

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Kompli-QED iconAdvanced AI driven technology

We use a combination of advanced AI driven technology and human expertise to fully identify corporate networks and alert you to potential risk indicators, bad actors and adverse events.

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Kompli-QED iconBridges the gaps

Kompli-Global bridges the gaps that exist in current corporate and media databases to enable far more accurate, comprehensive and compliant international corporate due dilligence.

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Kompli-QED iconReduce your exposure

Kompli-Global's services reduce your exposure to fraud, mitigate against personal and corporate prosecution, protect your brand's reputation and provide cost effective regulatory compliance.

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Kompli-QED iconNot just KYC but UYC (Understand Your Customer)

Kompli-QED will allow you to align your risk based approach and appetite with the customer profile allowing you to assess the propensity of risk and understand any potential impact to you and your organisation.

What our customers say

Kompli-Global helped us to conduct CDD on our VIP 'high-rollers' to gain valuable insight into their background and source of wealth.

Gambling sector

Kompli-IQ™ uncovered significant material intelligence that was otherwise hidden or unavailable to us.

Payment Service Provider

Following valuable insight from Kompli-Global, we had a full picture of our client which saved us from potential fraud and prosecution.

Gambling sector

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