Overcoming the AI Barriers to Combat Fraud and Money Laundering

The scale of financial crime is vast and continues to grow, affecting everyone. The complexity of the international financial system, as well as variations in legislation at a country level have created a suitable environment for money launderers, fraudsters and financial terrorists to hide and move funds between jurisdictions without drawing attention. ...

January 2021 Jane Jee, CEO at Kompli-Global

Could Technology Be The Key To Defeating Financial Crime?

Financial crime affects us all, especially in times of uncertainty and panic such as the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. ...

May 2020 Fintech Direct

Kompli-Global unveils the most comprehensive remote corporate onboarding platform

Criminals are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to carry out financial fraud and exploitation scams and they are becoming more expert at finding loopholes in existing systems. ...

April 2020 Kompli-Global

The top 10 UK RegTech companies

Information Age looks at the top RegTech companies operating in the UK right now. Click Here to read more ...

March 2020 Information Age

Criminals exploit technology so why can’t law enforcement?

The sheer scale of financial crime affects everyone. Victims of fraud are diverse: from vulnerable people to high net worth individuals, from major corporations to small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the public sector. Jane Jee, our CEO, queries why police and regulators don’t make more and better use of technology to combat fraud and financial crime when criminals exploit technology so well for nefarious purposes? ...

March 2020 City A.M.

Regtech: what Britain's regulators need to learn from the Americans

The UK’s banks and financial institutions want to know where they ought to deploy technology to help them comply with regulations, but the FCA’s made it clear that any use of new technology is entirely at the bank’s own risk. Although there are positive steps in the right direction from the FCA, more needs to be done says our CEO, Jane Jee in this article. ...

November 2019 ComplianceMatters

TI-UK uncovers Britain’s £325bn dirty money movement

Research by the UK division of global corruption prevention firm Transparency International (TI-UK) has revealed that many of Britain’s most prestigious industries have served some of the world’s most corrupt. We echo the TI-UK’s call for change and believe one way of strengthening the UK’s defences is through the use of readily available technology that helps prevent criminal behaviour falling through the gaps. ...

November 2019 Payment Expert

Regtech can help mitigate risk in the property sector

Regtech can help mitigate risk in the property sector. In this post on Property Week, Jane Jee says that if estate agents want to defeat criminal activity, they must be willing to incorporate more specialised regulatory technology (RegTech) into their processes. ...

November 2019 Property Week

It’s Not Magic: Weighing the Risks of AI in Financial Services

Artificial intelligence has enormous potential for financial services – but ethical challenges, a skills gap and changing market dynamics pose risks that the industry must confront, says a new report by The Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI). Jane Jee is featured in the report saying “regulators should issue praise where a bank adopts an effective new technology and issue examples of good practice”. ...

November 2019 CSFI


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