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Kompli-QED™ is a web-based on-boarding platform providing access to a comprehensive suite of software modules, including unique modules proprietary to Kompli-Global and some 'best of breed' modules from third-party providers.

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Kompli-QED iconKompli-Konnect
Kompli-Konnect is a proprietary SaaS utility which operates as an international corporate registry delivering the ability to establish conclusively the ownership stucture of a corporate entity. Kompli-Konnect identifies the principal officers, UBO's, Directors and Persons of Significant Control (PSC's) of a corporate entity and then links them to other connected companies, addresses and directors on an international basis.
Kompli-QED iconKompli-Reports
When deep HumINT(Human Intelligence) research is needed, our global network of researchers & investigators generate bespoke, multi-lingual reports using human interactive expertise, local knowledge and un-rivalled experience.
Kompli-QED iconKompli-RiskCheck
Human verified flags for potential risk indictors

A propensity model that identifies potential wrong doing by the Corporate or its Officers before the ‘bad actors’ get inside your business.

Once you have identified the principal controllers of a business and all their linked connections to the desired degree of separation, Kompli-RiskCheck will provide early warning alerts to known potential risk indicators. These risk flags have all been verified by human investigation and research.

It’s easy to compile a database of ‘convicted’ people after they have perpetrated crimes, assuming they have been identified and caught (<1% are ever convicted). Kompli-RiskCheck alerts you to people who have a propensity to misconduct so that you can act before they commit to, or are convicted of, being a ‘bad actor’.

Kompli-RiskCheck leverages not only data such as links to PEP’s but suspicious and proven scenarios that point to possible financial crime. Kompli-Global has mapped suspicious behaviour patterns and events that have been used in previous criminality and money laundering activity. A community reciprocity and reward model allows customers to feed intelligence back to Kompli-Global for our research team to verify and include in future risk flagging. The user can add notes and annotate the alerts for audit purposes.
Kompli-QED iconKompli-IQ
Real-time Global, Government, Institutional, Regulatory authority and structured database searching.

Kompli-IQ™ Accessed via the Kompli-QED web interface platform, Kompli-IQ™ is a global search platform that uses proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) search technologies to interrogate a wide variety of global data sources such as; Gazettes, Regulatory enforcement, SFO, Tax, customs and revenue, Court records etc.

Searches are performed on target subjects, including corporate entities, individuals, trusts and other organisations in relation to any adverse information contained in international government, institutional, regulatory data sources and registries. Searches are conducted in multiple languages. Kompli-IQ™ deploys over 500 key ‘stem-word’ search terms against each target entity to establish or eliminate any connection with published adverse information. Results from a search are displayed on-screen having been sorted and ranked based upon the severity and density of the stem words. The results can be reviewed and categorised by the user depending on the perceived relevance. Notes and comments can be appended to a search for future reference. An audit trail is held and a frequency can be set for the target subject to be re-screened automatically on an on-going basis.
Kompli-QED iconKompli-Monitor
Keep up to date and on top of any changes to your customer’s risk status

•   On-going monitoring is a mandatory regulatory requirement.

•   Get early warning that your client is going ‘rogue’

•   Protect yourself and your organisation from being defrauded or becoming an enabler to facilitating money laundering. You risk prosecution!

Kompli-Monitor: Ongoing, perpetual monitoring of the case or target subject can be conducted at a regular frequency. Screening against various data services can be selected. The client can determine the frequency they wish to receive alerts to new and changing situations. Monitoring can be conducted from the following data service:
Kompli-QED iconKompli-SecureMeet
Actually look into your customer’s eyes and ask them a question.

Secure, automated video interview and recording service.

The applicant is sent a link and instructions as to how to join a video session. The subject clicks the link and answers pre-determined questions such as: confirm your name, address and date of birth and any other questions configured by the client.

Use cases could include: please confirm that you are applying for ‘X’ or confirm you have received your credit card (prior to activation) or describe your insurance claim.

This application is a deterrent to fraudsters who are very reluctant to appear on video actually committing an offence and also as evidence if someone later denies knowledge of an application or changes their claim.
Real-time electronic identity verification to remotely authenticate the identity, age and status of individuals. This will enable your organisation to engage, communicate and transact with individuals in a safe, compliant and responsible manner.

We cross reference the identity attributes of an individual against known, trusted data sources to verify to the highest level of confidence sufficient to confirm a person’s unique characteristics.

Using a variety of data sources with the ability to mix and match enables us to deliver the best match rates, reduce false positives and keep operational costs in check.
Bank Validation
Actionable insights and analytics on bank ownership and transaction analysis

Bank Validation provides clients with confirmation of bank account ownership and access and analysis of transaction data through Open Banking technology.

The customer controls consent of their bank account and who they grant access to (the customer can also revoke access at any point). Bank transaction analysis can be viewed on a dashboard or integrated within other systems via API. Bank Verify can establish account ownership, provide positive affirmation of affordability, or alert you to over-indebtedness, serial borrowing and possible spurious financial activity.
YOTI icon
Proof of identity using secure and accurate digital verification.

Identity Document authentication and Biometric verification. YOTI verifies the identity of each individual officer, authenticates a trusted identity document and verifies it is being presented by a live human being to whom it belongs.

This module sends an automated request to an individual asking them to capture an image of a government-issued photo identity document such as a passport, driving licence or national identity card, and also take a ‘selfie’. Facial recognition software and human agents conduct comparison analysis to confirm that the ‘selfie’ is the same person as the photo on the ID document and that the person in the selfie is alive (i.e. not a photo of a photo).

The system then checks the integrity of the security features on the document to ensure it is an authentic and unexpired document. Kompli-Global retains the image of both the ID document and the ‘selfie’ for audit and future remediation purposes.
Suspicious Companies Identified online

The hand car wash making £40m and a turnover increase from previous year of exactly 700% – Really ?

Automated analysis of company accounts to highlight suspicious and non-sensicle financial activity of filed accounts.

Scion has been designed to automatically identify UK Limited Company’s involved in Long Firm Fraud. These are companies created by filing false accounts at UK Companies House in order to obtain high levels of credit. The high credit scores are used to obtain goods and services with no intention of the debts being repaid. Organised crime syndicates, often cross border, are the main controllers of this fraud.

Besides suppliers, Credit Insurers, Banks and various Lenders also end up exposed either directly through loans or indirectly where the debt is used as collateral for a loan. Consequently, there are wide scale losses throughout the financial system. The level of fraud has increased in the last 5 years due to the light touch filing requirements of Companies House.
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Politically Exposed Persons & Sanctions screening

The most powerful, automated real-time enforcement screening available.

Kompli-Global utilizes industry-leading sanction and PEP intelligence data to allow screening against global enforcement Watchlists. Searches are conducted in real-time to identify the very latest risks and the data is continuously updated. Searches can be conducted through the Kompli-QED web interface platform, via an API interface, batch upload or using our on-going monitoring utility.
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