My name is Samantha and I am the the digital compliance assistant within Kompli-Global’s SaaS based search platform, kompli-IQ.


I can interact with you by mail, text or even voice activation to allow analysts to interrogate a database network of the deep web so that the analyst can uncover negative news on individuals (including company owners) who may pose regulatory and reputational risks to businesses.

I continually and consistently monitor for all publicly available relevant risk information, often known as “negative information”, which includes sanctions and watch-lists, watchdogs, business registrations, regulatory filings and databases, as well as blogs, digital and traditional media.

This helps human managers who might otherwise overlook relevant items or spend days researching before they detect them. I can find and collate this information much more quickly, updating analysts immediately on potential risks. This makes the on-boarding of customers significantly easier for banks and other financial institutions.

My search platform “kompli-IQ” provides analysts with the information they need to make better informed, compliant risk decisions. kompli-IQ cross-references over 500 key ‘stem-word’ search terms against each target subject to establish any connection with published negative news.

You can follow my Tweets on @kompliglobal with #samantha.


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