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RTA Associates - Financial Crime & Conduct: Exploring Regulatory Technology – A New Approach

During the March 2018 event in Paris, participants including Kompli-Global, BNP Parobas, HSCBC and Capco expressed a strong appetite to understand how technology can help them address regulatory requirements, and to increase their awareness of existing solutions. ...

March 2018 Kompli-Global

Getting to Grips with "Adverse information" and AML

Of particular note is the UK’s thriving company formation industry. The country’s light-touch approach to start-ups forming a company is incredibly successful in encouraging entrepreneurialism and fostering economic growth, but the lack of oversight means that it is easy for fraudsters to set up shell companies through which they can move money. ...

December 2017 Kompli-Global

Creating a comprehensive KYC programme

Of course, it’s crucial to include all news media in a search. This means traditional news and media – newspapers and TV reports, both from your business’s home country and from overseas – and blogs and digital media. News is no longer reported just in print, so incorporating social media and alternative news outlets can help provide new avenues for finding reports about corruption and fraud. ...

December 2017 Kompli-Global

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