Including all of the standard features of kompli-IQ™, plus the addition of Sanction, PEP data and other additional third party data of your choice.

Subject to API integration compatibility

Searches are performed on target subjects, including corporate entities, individuals, trusts and other organisations (public and private) in relation to published pages and adverse information. Searches include interrogation of indexed content from the world wide web using traditional search engines such as; Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.. But also non-indexed, ‘deep web’ sites and unstructured directories.

Uncovers information that is otherwise unavailable or has even been suppressed. We believe kompli-IQ™ delivers what is probably the most accurate and comprehensive adverse information results available.
Cross-references over 500 key ‘stem-word’ search terms against each target subject to establish or eliminate any connection with published adverse information.
Truly global multi-lingual, multi-jurisdictional platform. The key ‘stem-words’ are translated into each country’s local language, slang and vernacular. Local in-country relevant gazettes and directories are also searched.
Fits alongside existing and essential structured data sources such as KYC, sanction and PEP data suppliers and corporate structure data providers but requires no input from IT departments as it is provided as SaaS

Searches are organized into ‘cases’ and stored in case order. A full audit trail of all cases and searches is available. Original website search results are cached and can easily be stored into your existing CRM or case management system.

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A software as a service (SaaS) desktop portal, giving access to a global regulatory platform that uses proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and deep search technologies to interrogate a wide variety of global data sources and web content.

Including all the features of kompli-IQ Standard plus PEP and sanction screening.

Ongoing, perpetual monitoring of the target entity and individual subjects through kompli-IQ search.

When clients determine that additional human analysis is required, our highly trained in-country specialists can provide confirmation or verification of returned records on a case-by-case basis.

Combining kompli-IQ's human investigatory abilities to deliver a written CDD report on a target subject. kompli-insight reports are the result of thorough interrogations performed against a comprehensive range of public domain information sources.

The ultimate Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) report. From bespoke research and specialist investigation, clients’ requirements and direction, and specific focus on red flags identified at the CDD level

What People Are Saying

Client confidentiality is of key importance to us. Kompli Intelligence has been successful in many sectors.

Payment Service Provider

kompli-IQ uncovered significant material intelligence that was otherwise unavailable to us.

Gambling Sector

kompli-insight conducted CDD on our VIP ‘high-rollers’ to gain insight into their backgrounds

Gambling Sector

We are considering our options, including closing the subject’s account and filing a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) with the NCA.


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