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Provides human interactive research and investigation to deliver a written Customer Due Diligence (CDD) report on a target subject.

This is particularly relevant if the target subject is overseas. Results can be referred back to a Kompli-Global’s in-country expert for further analysis and translated from local language by a native language specialist investigator within the local region.

Only local language translation provides accurate interpretation of dialect, semantics and urban slang.

Address verification (& history)
Corporate affiliations
Public domain research & professional history
Sanctions, Watchlist and enforcements search
Adverse news search on individual's other corporate affiliations
Further research to confirm/deny/mitigate any red flags
PEP’s, Source of Wealth/Funds research
Enforcements search on company, directors and key controllers
Adverse news search on company, directors and key controllers
Adverse news checks on UBO's affiliated companies?
UBO enhanced public domain research
Company public profile research
Website review
Email and telephone searches
Social media profile

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SaaS based desktop portal, user operation training, helpdesk support, case review and audit visibility and an ongoing search monitoring option.

Kompli-IQ Plus
Including all the features of Kompli-IQ Standard plus PEP and sanction screening.

Kompli-IQ Monitor
Ongoing, perpetual monitoring of the target entity and individual subjects through Kompli-IQ search.

Kompli-IQ Verify
When clients determine that additional human analysis is required, our highly trained in-country specialists can provide confirmation or verification of returned records on a case-by-case basis.

Combining Kompli-IQ's human investigatory abilities to deliver a written CDD report on a target subject. kompli-insight reports are the result of thorough interrogations performed against a comprehensive range of public domain information sources.

The ultimate Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) report. From bespoke research and specialist investigation, clients’ requirements and direction, and specific focus on red flags identified at the CDD level

What People Are Saying

Client confidentiality is of key importance to us. Kompli Intelligence has been successful in many sectors.

Payment Service Provider

Kompli-IQ uncovered significant material intelligence that was otherwise unavailable to us.

Gambling Sector

Kompli-Insight conducted CDD on our VIP ‘high-rollers’ to gain insight into their backgrounds

Gambling Sector

We are considering our options, including closing the subject’s account and filing a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) with the NCA.


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